Friday, May 24, 2013

Surfin' Wild!

Last year I was surprised and honored to be asked to contribute to an amazing art book called Surf Graphics. I was already a fan of the great series of full color hardcover books covering the worldwide Lowbrow Art scene put out by Korero Books over in the UK and eagerly culled all the best surf related work from my archives to send to them. Some of the older pieces needed a bit of touching up so I revised, added color and made various changes wherever I felt it necessary. Over the next few days I'm gonna post all the pieces that were reworked for Surf Graphics, including a few that didn't actually make it into the final version of the book. Some of these have been posted here before but all have been revised from their previous appearances and there are a few that have never been seen before. Starting off today with the unpublished Satan's Pilgrims drawing I did for Estrus Records back in 1998 which has been revised quite a bit and is seen here in color for the first time ever. Below is a quick but fun Xmas card I made a few years back. Neither of these made it into the book so you can consider these to be the cartoon equivalent of unissued bonus tracks. Surf Graphics is available from hip bookstores and websites everywhere so check it out for a wild blast of wave shreddin' action from a wide array of great artists hailing from here, there and everywhere. More of this stuff to come in the next day or two so... Stay tuned for MORE TOES TO THE NOSE ACTION!

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