Friday, May 10, 2013


 Mo' bang for your buck today in the Rubber Room, kids. I recently designed a tour poster for amazing Mexican garage combo Los Explosivos (who if you haven't heard 'em are a wild mix of the Sonics and MC5 at their most ravin'est; Go check 'em out NOW!!!) and in my usual politically correct fashion I reduced, reused and recycled the art into 3 distinct variations, all of which are on display for you right here and now. Above is the original tour poster version and below you can see the same basic art kustomized into a swingin' 45 sleeve and a debonair T-shirt design for all you fashion victims out there. Los Explosivos are currently on a nutty 6 month tour of Europe so go see 'em, buy all this stuff and have yourself a blast! Stay tuned for MORE DON'T YOU MESS WITH ME ACTION!

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