Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tales Too Terrible To Tell

Here are a couple of 1 page filler strips I did for Tales Too Terrible To tell, published by New England Comics way back in 1992. TTTTT was the first comic to mine the vast terrain of public domain 1950s horror comics which has become a cottage industry for some folks in recent years. "Fear-Filled Facts" was a "Ripley's Believe It or Not" parody with a horror twist; I wrote and drew 2 of 'em, one of which was not used. Title lettering in the first strip by NEC editor Bob "The Crippler" Polio. Sorry if the text is hard to read, that's 25 year old rubber cement rotting merrily away. I don't remember why the second strip (below) wasn't published and I've lost track of the script somewhere along the line so the art is all you get for that one. Stay tuned for MORE FEAR-FILLED (F) ACTION!

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