Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fat, Drunk and Stupid

Here be the poster for my first ever fine art gallery show, happening next month in Victoria, BC. Thanks to Tiemen at the cool Talk's Cheap gallery/store for his interest in doing this show and his patience with me while I got everything together. If any of you are in the area in June or July please check out the show. Stay tuned for MORE ACTION!


  1. I love this poster so much. I saw this outside Talk's Cheap when I was there this weekend but I was too damn hungover to actually make it up there to check it out! Regretting that right now.
    Gonna have to make another Victoria trip before your show is done. Is this the only art ya have online? Selling prints?

  2. Thanks! Hope you get a chance to see the show. I occasionally post work-in-progress type stuff on my Facebook but that's about it for online stuff other than this blog. I do have a couple of prints available right now, hopefully more stuff soon. Thanks for the interest!